About Us

FHR Realty was launched by seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the Indian realty sector. Right from inception, we set out to create a real estate standard that upholds uncompromised quality, functional innovation and transparency. Today our diverse portfolio of projects includes gated communities, residential layouts, premium apartments and luxury villas, in and around Chennai. Our vast land bank gives us the rare luxury of building our properties on self owned land; a value that our customers enjoy over a lifetime. Unique Buildings improve cities. Each unique building can only be built once. Unique buildings are divided into six levels which are unlocked at different milestones, but most require additional conditions to be met (see Unlocking Requirements in the table below),

often for a sustained period of time. Some of these conditions are easy to achieve and may be met without deliberate effort, others are much harder. Although most are rewards for good city management and growth, a few require negative conditions to exist in the city; the Lazaret Plaza, for example, can only be unlocked by having an extremely unhealthy populace.